Rapidly improve your vocabulary using six types of quiz

The WordPal Vocabulary Builder program is designed to rapidly improve your vocabulary through active participation, quick repetition, and knowledge integration. Instead of having you passively read vocabulary definitions to learn new words, the program uses a series of challenging quizzes. All of these are fast paced to keep your mind focused on learning new words and steer clear of distracting thoughts. To achieve knowledge integration, the program uses six different quiz types, which are antonyms, definitions, odd man out, sentence completion, synonyms, and word order. Each of these is designed to reinforce the meaning of a new word and its relationship to other words. The basic philosophy is that words are more likely to be remembered when they are integrated into your existing knowledge. To help you quickly assimilate new words, whenever a wrong answer is selected, the program will immediately display the associated word definition or answer explanation.

By improving your vocabulary you will not only be enhancing your ability to communicate, but you will also be removing an obstacle that may be hindering your career advancement. And for those of you pursuing educational excellence, a better vocabulary is likely to result in higher verbal test scores, thereby improving your chances of gaining access to the university or graduate school of your choice. Have fun learning new words and the rewards of a better vocabulary will be yours to keep for a lifetime.



WordPal 1.05